Some projects don't fall into a traditional category but there are always those special ones that you cant turn down or just have to go make yourself.
Scroll down, check them out and ask me about them... they all have a story!


Led the creative team at First Look Media in creating a collection of brand pieces that celebrate the freedoms of speech, equality and press as a multi-part story told
through printed posters that also doubled as wrapping paper, and a social film that were sent to collaborators and supporters of First Look Media and its family of companies
during the holiday season to "spread the word" of truth, freedom, peace, love and diversity. The piece was highly successful and became a popular display item everywhere it went.

Hope You Get To Eleven Or What Are We Going To Do About Sally?

Every single day 105 Americans die by suicide. That’s a death every 13 minutes. Although it's the 10th leading cause of death in the U.S., the taboo surrounding the issue continues. Written and performed by Padraic Lillis and directed by Scott Illingworth, “Hope You Get To Eleven Or What Are We Going To Do About Sally?” is a solo show about suicide inspired by real events. The show seeks to eliminate the shame surrounding suicide and create conversation around it. While at Iris Worldwide, I led the concept development of the brand creative and marketing efforts for this powerful piece. This was used in print, outdoor and on all social channels.



Behold the Borscht Burrito:  "Let’s be real, mash-up culture is nothing new when it comes to food. Croissant doughnuts, pastrami pizza, s’mores pull-apart bread—the list is endless. But something unexpected happens when Russian food meets everyone’s favorite Mexican comfort food. So when NYC-based Tres Carnes owner Sasha Shor wanted to make a smoked brisket borscht burrito, we grabbed a camera and followed her into in the kitchen." WATCH:  Behold the Borscht Burrito and Burrito Building 101Photography by Dave Katz.

DACHA STYLE: The Jewish Food Society.

When the amazing team at Jewish Food Society wanted to go have a Russian Picnic in the park, the obvious answer was yes, and after 4 incredible weeks of posts, gorgeous photos by Dave Katz, styling by Mira Evnine and words by Devra Ferst, even Florence Fabricant at The New York Times couldn't resist featuring the piece!
Check it out: The Russian Picnic, Cherry Cake and Kompot, Cold Borscht, Infused Vodka and Burning Man.

FLAVOR magazine: A Russian New Year's Feast.

I wrote, styled and produced a special issue feature in Northeast FLAVOR, New England's premier food & wine publication on the classic Russian New Year's Eve "Pir"  (feast). It was an opportunity to share my family and food story centering around the celebration of the New Year. I Prepared and developed all food and content for the piece. Photography by Andre Baranowski.